Hey, Chi-Chi here.
All the fandoms. Just--all of them, I'm really sorry.
You know what's great though? Independent films and live music. It's like, you're sitting there, experiencing a work of art, and you get really excited, like everyone around you is probably drunk and you're at the same level but it's still pure. It's pure emotion. I'm a performing arts major. Films and live music. And Hannibal.


584. Seventh years regulate a school-wide game of Assassin among the muggleborns. Every muggleborn receives name of a person whom they are to tag (through muggle means). With every successful tag, they assume the target of their victim but have to avoid being tagged by someone else. As the game requires the use muggle means, some have used nerf guns and enlisted pureblood and half-blood peers, creating mass mayhem between passing periods. The house of the winners enjoy year-long glory.


582. It’s winter at Hogwarts and some clever Hufflepuff muggleborns put a vanishing cabinet in the middle of the Forbidden Forrest and its sister cabinet in an empty room. At breakfast the next morning they hear a group of Slytherin muggleborns arguing with one of their housemates who claims to have “made it to Narnia”.

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